At Thrift Collective, our vision is a world where we use what already exists before demanding that more be made. The fashion industry is riddled with systemic problems, but we are working to make a positive impact by making it easy for  secondhand stores to bring their inventory online.

The fashion industry needs to change its current approach


The fashion industry is the third largest user of water in a world in which around 2 billion people don't have regular access to clean drinking water

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The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions —more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined

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& Dispose

The United States donates only 1/5th of the over 11 million tons of clothing waste it generates every year

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Our mission is to change your relationship to used clothing by...


Making it easier for existing thrift stores to get online with tech solutions 

We work with thrift stores, not around them


Connecting customers to fashion experts who curate relevant pieces 

Collectors are experts who know how to get the right clothing to the right audience


Making shopping for used clothing as fun and easy as shopping new

So you can stay as stylish as you are sustainable