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2 Credit Listing
2 Credit Listing
2 Credit Listing
2 Credit Listing

Alternative Title to Improve SEO

A brief description of the item structured as 1, 2, or 3 sentences. This also promotes search engine optimization and differentiates from other automated description services that only provide lists of keywords without any formatting.   


  • Color
  • Material
  • Type
  • Other features


  • Great for [activity]
  • Style bullet 2
  • Style bullet 3
  • Style bullet 4

This is where we will include your mission if you have one saved in your settings. If the tailored reference card photo was taken correctly and Tailored generates data for your product, we will include the following: "Sizing in vintage, secondhand, and circular fashion is important. This garment was measured with artificial intelligence. Please view the below details and annotated photo.


  • Tag size
  • measurement 1
  • measurement 2
  • measurement 3
  • measurement 4"

Shipping & Returns

This section highlights your contact, shipping and returns policy. Do you have a particular eco-friendly packaging? Do you ship in a certain amount of time? Free shipping? Free returns? This is information you provided when you signed up for Seamless and we auto-populate that here. Even if these policies are noted on your website or eBay profile, your changes improve in search results on Google and eBay if they are included in each product description, as well 

Automated by Seamless, a product of Thrift Collective [this watermark is removed after your 100th product

This is an example of a 2 credit listing (Includes title photo background removal)

Seamless OfferingCredits
To get started1 credit
Automate garment measuring by Tailoredincluded
HTML theme formattingincluded
Predicted product weightincluded
Photo background removal1 credit
Price research1 credit
Auto-generated & stylist reviewed merchandizing2 credits

Easily skip or add services product by product to ensure you're only paying for what you want


50 credits for $45
($0.90 per credit)


200 credits for $160
($0.80 per credit)


500 credits for $375
($0.70 per credit)

Credits never expire
$1 per credit for custom amounts 

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