The Circular Economy

The circular economy is the continued use of pre-existing clothing that still holds value. High quality, stylish clothing is all around us - we are here to help you find it. We are not against all new clothing, but we do believe a majority of quality apparel exists and is simply wasted because people can't find it. 

Where it Can Be Found

friends and family

clothing drives, drops,
and exchanges  

retail thrift stores

online secondhand

What We Do

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Our Collectors hand select the best clothing from the above sources and add them to collections on our site


We give our customers the chance to participate by sending items to Collectors that match their style

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We partner with local thrift stores to provide them an online presence in exchange for access to their inventory


Why This Matters

Studies have found that nearly 8% of all clothing is never worn, and roughly 20% of all clothing is only worn a couple times before being thrown away. These clothes normally sit unused in closets for approximately 1.4 years before being trashed. If everyone in the U.S. bought a single piece of secondhand apparel, it would save 6 billion pounds of carbon emissions - the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road for an entire year.

Source: ThredUp and PLATE

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