Top 5 Hex Color Codes For Fall Fashion

By Sam Kuper

The three primary colors, red, blue, and green, represented as hex codes

Tan outerwear is a great way to layer fall colors 

FThe fall fashion aesthetic might be the most recognizable of any Pinterest moodboard. Fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, overcoats, Halloween candy, sweatshirts, beanies, scarfs— and layers in general all lead to endless fashion possibilities. Everyone knows a fall tone when they see it—but could you name your five favorite fall colors using a six digit value that represents the combination and intensity of red, blue, and green?

“Hex codes” are an integral part of HTML web design and range from the lowest intensity of a color 00 (#000000 represents black for example) to the highest intensity, FF (#FFFFFF is white). Since our current internet browsers support essentially the full range of human color perception (otherwise known as 24-bit color), utilizing this hex code system means that there are 16,777,216 different color possibilities. 

Using clothing and accessories usually worn in the fall as my guide, here are my top five favorite fall-themed six digit combinations on the RGB spectrum (with my own custom name attached to each one).

1. Pumpkin Orange (#f27934) - Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard”

Hex code #f27934

Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard” 3.0, Released 10/26/19

As a bit of a sneakerhead myself, this one is close to my heart. The Jordan 1 is perhaps the most iconic silhouette in sneaker history—so when the original “Shattered Backboard” color combination of orange, cream, and black was released in June of 2015, it instantly became a classic. A size 12 of the 2015 release (retail $160) now goes for upwards of $1300 (12 is my shoe size, hint-hint Mom). Nike quickly realized this was more of a fall shoe color combination, as the next two iterations of the shattered backboard design (version 3.0 is pictured in this article) were released in the month of October.

2. Timberland Tan (#d89d3f) - Timberland 6” Boots 

Hex code #d89d3f

The classic 6” Timberland work boot

Unsurprisingly, I am including another shoe on this list! While any tan Carhartt jacket and would have achieved a similar result, Timberland boots have (surprisingly) become an iconic staple of American fashion. Who could have predicted that a pair of boots so plainly functional would be so coveted by fashionable folks for such a long time?

3. Very Beige (#b8a081) - Burberry Scarf 

Hex code #b8a081

The classic Burburry “check” patterned scarf - orignally released in 1967

Not every fall color has to be a standout—and as the main color of the iconic Burberry pattern (pictured in scarf form here) #b8a081 is there to make the rest of the pattern’s colors shine. I would love to get into the history of Burberry and how their “house check” pattern came to be so popular with both British royalty and the working class, but there is not enough room here. Instead, I will link to a great article on Grailed which explains it in a lot more detail if you are interested!

4. Banana Yellow (#eac147) - Raincoat

Hex code #eac147

That classic yellow raincoat color 

Fall is very much rainy season, so a good raincoat is a must—so why not stay with the classics? When I think of what color a raincoat is, I just think of a bright yellow. If you are familiar with Curious George, you know exactly what I am talking about.

5. Cranberry Sauce Red (#681f24) - Asymmetrical Blazer from @actyourstyle

Hex code #eac147

Product photo from on Angie's (@qctyourstyle) store
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Unlike the canned cranberry sauce no one eats on Thanksgiving, this blazer from Angie Oster (@actyourstyle) is incredibly tasteful. Every fall outfit needs a head-turning piece, and this blazer colored in #681f24 would definitely do the trick. Pro tip: try not to wear it with the “Shattered Backboard” Jordan 1’s. They might clash.

Sam Kuper 
Project Manager, Thrift Collective