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Info for Secondhand Stores

Thrift Collective helps Secondhand Stores get online as easily as possible with technology and support that is designed with them in mind.

These stores are critical to their community, but are unable to reach consumers who want to shop for curated used clothing online. Existing platforms are excellent for listing products, but offer very little support in terms of actually selling things to consumers. Why should these independent businesses be expected to run cutting edge digital marketing, operations, and merchandising while also providing donation services and affordable clothing for the community? They shouldn’t!

Thrift Collective has developed technology that allows stores to get online in less time, with less maintenance. Once clothing is listed, expert Collectors can promote and resell it for Thrift Stores, instead of competing against them on other online marketplaces.

There is no other platform that works this way.  We give customers a chance to see clothing that is relevant to them by letting our collectors handle the curation. Getting online does not have to be difficult, it does not have to replace buying in person, and it most certainly does not need to be expensive.

Thrift Collective is always looking for partners. For more information, please visit our sell page or reach out to us at