Our experience at Simple & Just Portland:
a new store on a new marketplace 

Sometimes the solutions we propose for our users are not always directly tied to our products.

The important thing is supporting the people we want to be working with, and in the case of Simple & Just Portland - sometimes that support just looks like a quick road trip, a parking ticket, $2,500 in digital inventory, and a great attitude.

n case you haven’t visited yourself, Simple & Just in Portland is a fantastic store. The layout is very modern, with a long curving ramp down the right wall that passes cut out displays of designer clothes and accessories. The store is situated right in the heart of Northwest Portland, and is so aesthetically pleasing outside and in that most folks are surprised to find out that the goods are secondhand at all. The people that do visit love the store, so when we walked in our minds immediately went to finding a solution that could generate more organic foot traffic, keep costs down, and promote the mission of Simple & Just to a new audience online.

To accomplish this task we set up an OfferUp account and listed $2,500 worth of clothing with the help of our new friend Jessie Paul. We think OfferUp can be a great solution for nonprofit shops that are looking for quick listings and have access to a high local population. Listing items is free - and it can be really easy to get started on nationwide shipping with just a couple of tools. If you want help getting your store online using OfferUp, let us know and we can help you out. 

The sales floor at S&J PDX. Does this seem like other thrift stores to you? 

Normally we would recommend our Seamless solution, but this time we had different objectives

Thanks to the location, sales floor, and store aesthetic - we believed that the best way to help was to create an online store that could bring more foot traffic. By using a local marketplace like OfferUp, we can connect the store with people in the community, save money on online listings, and grow recognition for the businesses in a trendy neighborhood where people are shopping in person. 

Check out the OfferUp page by clicking here.

A Cause That Matters 

Furthermore, Simple & Just provides individual care and support for victims of exploitation and abuse in the Pacific Northwest. 100% of their profits go to supporting this cause, and folks who want to learn more about how to help should be able to visit the store itself in order to talk to Carol, Katie, and all the other awesome workers who make the store so special.

So next time you are in Portland, be sure to look up Simple & Just. It is a neighborhood boutique that just so happens to be a sustainable secondhand shop with a great cause, and we are more than happy to be working together for good.