Shopify Web Design with Samantha Yee

We caught up with Samantha Yee, an LA based web designer who helped us out in the early days of our website, to learn more about her design philosophy and how everyone has a unique role to play in the fight for a more sustainable fashion industry 

From a UX perspective, what are some important things to remember when building a resale website?

Landing pages, like social media - are a first impression. You have 3 seconds to grab someone's attention and explain to them what you are all about. Before even starting a landing page you need to narrow down what your business is. Know what makes you special, and what makes you passionate. 

The design is going to be pretty because of all the templates out there- but it is the content itself where you need to make that impression.

Our website was built with Shopify but you also design using Squarespace, how should designers decide between the two?   

Shopify is great if you have a lot of different types of pages in the pot and you need to be super efficient. But before you get started on Shopify, figure out how you want to manage your data. If you have a ton of supply, then Shopify is the right place to be.

Squarespace is ideal for smaller organizations that want to spend more time with each item.
If you are a potter and you want to reallllly want to make each pot look great, you might try squarespace

Where should someone look for inspiration on what types of content they should be producing?

Before you do anything, look up competitors and see what they do well and what they do poorly.

But even before you can decide a direction the first thing is to think about ideas based on what you are doing really well. Design based on your strengths. If you like branding and style, then stick to those!

Can you walk us through your design philosophy?

“Keep asking questions, have fun designing, and ask for help if anything is overwhelming

I was a programmer before I was a designer. In programming you write a lot of code, and you don’t know if it’s working until later. Designing is different, when you design you get to see your work live and you get to put your own touch on things.

People say that the soul is an algorithm, it takes things in and it puts things out. A computer only has answers, you get to be the one asking questions." - Samantha Yee

TL;DR Here are some tips and tricks for resellers getting started on Shopify!

 Use your landing pages as a first impression, keep reading light, and give people an immediate sense of what you want them to know about your site.

Understand the pros and cons of different website builders (Shopify vs. Squarespace for example).

Look to competitors for inspiration. Because they are doing something similar, they might have a creative way of telling their story.

Design based on your strengths. If you love to write, then write! If you love branding, then pick a color scheme and run with it!

Ask your website questions. What is the first impression this gives off? Who is this website for? Where will visitors be coming from? The answers to these questions might reveal things about your design you were not thinking about.