What is SEO and why is it important for resellers? 

January 2021

A common belief in resale is that your products will speak for themselves if you just take great pictures and get them out there.

The truth is however, that with 50 million Poshmark users, 21 million Depop users, over 60 million Etsy shoppers, and over 182 million eBay users worldwide - listings can get lost in the shuffle if they are not equipped for success.

By learning to improve your SEO and utilizing some easy best practices - you can give your own business one of the key tools that new retail brands are using to stay on top. Thrift Collective’s Seamless listings include SEO for titles and descriptions, but more on that later.


So what is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and essentially refers to the practice of improving traffic to a web page from Search Engines. Common tools to improve SEO in resale include using keywords and metadata tagging to make pages more relevant across more “searches.” 

Nice Acronym, Why is that important? 

Imagine how you search in Google, the words you type are different from how you might phrase the search engine question in person. If you were trying to find this page from a Google search you wouldn’t type “hello Google, Please show me the page on Thrift Collective with that useful blog on SEO that helped me improve my listings.”  

Instead you might type “Thrift Collective SEO blog.”

This efficient structure is important to remember in your resale listings because it replicates how people search for clothing online, and can help set your business apart from other listings on crowded marketplaces. 

Ok enough reading: what does a great resale product look like? 

Levi’s Blue Skinny Jeans 34

Cute CHEAP Levi’s only $50 OBO

 If someone were to randomly search “cute and flattering cheap Levi’s $50” then ya I suppose you might capture that traffic, but it is a safer play to hit major features like Brand, Color, Type, Materials, Fit, Style, and Size in your title to capture the majority of shoppers.  

Things to avoid


Irrelevant info: "Pair of sweatpants that my mom says help make me look taller!"

Acronyms or Nicknames (looking at you sneakerheads): WTS VNDS/PADS Jordan 6 size 10 TTS, $100 OBO

This is an ongoing debate as in certain circles (looking at you again, sneakerheads), having an understanding of terminology is a form of product verification in itself. To go after the maximum amount of shoppers however, it is best to leave acronyms out.

Blemishes, stains, or other potentially harmful info: Always be honest in the description and mark the condition accurately, but no one searches for “Sweater with a hole in it” so no need to call it out. Best practice there is just to repair the poor guy before you try to resell it. 


It is important for resellers to have a solution for SEO. With millions of other resellers vying for attention, and new retail brands investing enterprise marketing budgets in pushing their products, individuals need to make sure they are predicting consumer search patterns to get their products in front of shoppers. 

Try Thrift Collective’s Seamless app if you want to make sure you are equipped with the same professional tools as a new retail company. These are great clothes that will (almost) sell themselves, let Thrift Collective help you get the rest of the way.