What is? 


One of the best things about shopping for secondhand clothing is that everything is different. At the same time, one of the biggest challenges of shopping for secondhand clothing is that everything is different.

When shopping for sustainable fashion online, it is daunting knowing that every version of a "Large" might be different from every other "Large."

At Thrift Collective, we are working to solve this problem with artificial intelligence that can provide more consistency across brands. You deserve clothing that works for you—all bodies are beautiful, and we want our pieces to find a ‘fitting’ home.

We work with Tailored - an innovative technology firm out of Florida, to make sure clothes on our store are accurately measured. Thanks to Tailored, we can provide the true size as well as the tag size, so you can feel more confident buying used clothing online.

It is so important that anyone can not only find something they like on our site, but also find something that fits. As we partner with more thrift stores and have more choices available on our marketplace, we will continue to find new ways to guarantee that all bodies are being represented. 

What does this look like? Meet ThriftFit. 

While we always list the tag size from the brand, ThriftFit provides a standardized measurement using additional data from Collectors, Tailored, and Thrift Collective. 

Every product is listed with both a tag size in the title and a ThriftFit in the item description.

 Check both sizes to make sure you are getting the right fit before you buy!