2.2 Billion pounds of children's clothes are thrown away every year: Rent-a-Romper is doing something about it

By: John Lyon

Want to hear something you already know? Children grow out of their clothes all the time.

With 32B pounds of clothing ending up in landfills every year in the United States alone, the idea of clothes that are only relevant until the next growth spurt is a frightening image for any planet-conscious consumer.

Lucky for parents everywhere, Rent-a-Romper is providing a new rental based capsule closet for kids that is opening up new sustainable doors in the kids fashion space.

Founder Lauren Gregor created Rent-a-Romper to "help parents take one more thing off their endless to-do list." This ethic, combined with the sustainable benefits of reusing clothing, is helping parents get time back and reducing the risk of overconsumption.

As the cost of raising a child grows to over $230K - the ability to save money on essentials like clothing is paramount for any parent. Rent-a-Romper subscriptions scale with children as they grow, so instead of having to go buy a whole new wardrobe, parents can just order the next size up.

By saving time and money through a rental service, Lauren has created a system that can help parents out, but is also just plain stylish. Users can pick from a capsule closet subscription of either 7 or 15 pieces, and parents can send clothing back as their children grow. Designer suits aren't the only thing worth reselling, onesies need a new home too! 

At Thrift Collective, we know that purchasing secondhand clothing is only a small piece of a much larger movement to turn fashion on its head. Sustainable fashion comes in all shapes and sizes (even the sizes we outgrow), and we need a variety of solutions to help lead the sustainable change our global community so desperately needs.

Rent-a-Romper is giving families an accessible, sustainable, and trendy way to participate in that community - and we recommend them to any parent trying to create a healthier world for their kids to enjoy.

^what a lovely sustainable future we have to look forward to! 

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