Great Brands to Resell in 2021

January 2021

Even though vintage shoppers are increasingly more interested in supporting specific sellers rather than buying from certain labels, the data still shows that certain brands perform incredibly well when it comes to resale. 

We looked at data from our own store, ThreadUp, eBay, Poshmark, and some other marketplaces to get a sense for what brands have been getting new lives thanks to resellers.



A top brand on eBay, Poshmark, and StockX, Adidas is a perfect example of a solid resale brand.

While Yeezy and Ivy Park small batch collections obviously perform very well on resale marketplaces, older Adidas pieces have a retro 80s appeal that is popular with throwback vintage crowds on StockX and Depop.


There are a lot of reasons Asos is a safe bet for resale, not least of which is that Asos Marketplace is literally built into the brand’s aesthetic.

Asos marketplace has millions of visitors looking for boutique vintage pieces from resellers all over the world, and the brand is smart to associate itself with the growing culture of sustainable resale

Classic Designer Labels

This is no surprise to anyone but classic designer labels like Gucci, COACH, Kate Spade, Burberry, and Coach are all top brands on Poshmark and eBay. It isn’t a question of will these items sell, but just a matter of how available are they for resale.

You are less likely to find a Gucci Wallet in the Thrift Store bins, but if you have a bunch of classic designer items laying around, you could probably do well for yourself in 2021! 


Classic leather boot co. Frye was ThreadUp’s top brand in 2020.

There is something to be said for a brand that has made a name for itself being durable and classic. These pieces hold value thanks to their sturdy design, and probably won’t go out of style for the next 500 years (roughly). 


Props to Levi’s for rolling out a secondhand marketplace in 2020 for their pre-loved denim. Remember that Jeans can over 10,000 gallons of water to produce, so if you are looking to resell anything, start with the American classic that have stayed pretty consistent since the 1950s.

Plus if you find yourself with a pair of retro orange tab Levi’s you might be able to pique the interest of collectors and enthusiasts.

Thrift Collective boutique Dylan’s Store is always looking for Orange Tab Levi’s and calls them “an essential part of any wardrobe” 


Gen-Z loves it, and Gen-Z is also leading the charge towards a more sustainable future by choosing to buy secondhand at alarming rates.

Give the people what they want I suppose and show some love for a company that puts Sustainability front and center. 

Also, Reformation is a great follow on IG 

Classic Outdoor Brands

Patagonia, The North Face, Eddie Bauer, REI, there are so many brands that fit into this category we won’t even get into it, but the outdoor community is famous for loving items with a story.

Who doesn’t love gear swaps and duct tape. These brands design clothing that is meant to last, and that quality consistently performs well on resale marketplaces


While searching for clothes from these brands is a great place to start as a reseller, there is so much more that goes into a professional resale listing. Without proper SEO optimization and presentation - a great piece can get lost in the mix.

Try Thrift Collective’s Seamless app if you want to make sure you are equipped with the same professional tools as a new retail company. These are great clothes that will (almost) sell themselves, let Thrift Collective help you get the rest of the way.