Why you should be removing your product background on all resale listings 

January 2021

Amazon requires it, eBay prefers it, and buyers are accustomed to it; why is a flat background an important feature of a professional resale listing?  

Problem Statement: 

Let’s start off by saying, we understand if this is something you are not doing right now in your resale business.

Photo editing is time consuming, and the quicker tools can be expensive.

Plus, there are a lot of people who think a white background is less appealing for resale. Depop’s own blog recommended that users “don't just have a stark white background. It looks like your item is floating in nothing.”  

But the data says removing backgrounds is worth it, and it does not have to be costly

 there are clear benefits to having edited product photos. A clean background draws attention to the product itself, it allows products to stand out on resale marketplaces, and it provides users with a familiar online shopping experience which ultimately boosts sales.

Furthermore, Thrift Collective can makes it easier than ever to remove backgrounds and give independent retailers the same presentation as full scale retail companies.

Benefit One: Clean backgrounds draw attention to the product

We get it, ferns are cool and everyone else has a cool fern in their product photos. The fern is right next to the motivational quote poster, which is right above the product, which is also just above a coffee table full of travel postcards.

That does make a great photo, especially for a social media post - but it is a distracting product photo. 

By having nothing in your background, customers can view the product itself without distractions.

Artistic photos can still be included, and are important to establishing a visual brand, but according to Bonanza, having a clean background in your product photos can increase conversions by over 300%. 

Benefit Two: A clean background stands out on
resale marketplaces

Pictured: You standing out like a winner once you start removing your backgrounds

Despite the benefits of photo editing, it is still pretty rare to see on the biggest marketplaces.

Less than 10% of the title photos on eBay and Poshmark have a clean background. There are so many different styles of product photography that many consumers are hesitant to trust resale marketplaces because of the varying levels of quality.

By standardizing product presentation, resellers are able to communicate care for their products, and are easily able to stand out on marketplaces where inconsistency is normal. 

Benefit three: consumers are familiar with edited backgrounds, which can increase confidence and boost sales

Perhaps the most important feature of a clean product background is that it can increase consumer trust in your brand. 48% of all e-commerce happens on Amazon, and what is the one thing all Amazon products have in common - no background on product photos.

While secondhand clothing itself is still not allowed on Amazon, users can take advantage of the most trusted product presentation in e-commerce in order to improve customer trust and generate sales.

Benefit four: consumers are familiar with edited backgrounds, which can increase confidence and boost sales

Perhaps the most straightforward benefit of all is that there are marketplaces that require edited backgrounds. Amazon set the standard with their product presentation, and Google shows SEO preference to products that have no background. In order to compete with retailers that have enterprise budgets, resellers need to be able access the same sales channels. 


If having a more trusted presentation, accessing new sales channels, standing out on resale marketplaces, and improving product presentation seems like something you might be interested in, then Thrift Collective’s Seamless listing tool might be the solution for you. We give resellers the same enterprise tools that have previously only been accessible for retail companies, and offer title photo background removal as part of our listings.

Try Thrift Collective’s Seamless app if you want to make sure you are equipped with the same professional tools as a new retail company. These are great clothes that will (almost) sell themselves, let Thrift Collective help you get the rest of the way.